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Expansion to the Chinese market for European companies


Do you think “you are too small” to be interesting for China? That might not be true!


You do not have to sell your products all over China to successfully make it in there


Expansion to the Chinese market for European companies is usually not about serving the entire country. Due to our limited market sizes and the resulting limitations on production capacity and thus also limited export volumes, we cannot regard expansion to China as expanding in such a way that every Chinese knows your products and brand. Global giants such as Apple, Starbucks and Volkswagen can afford this approach. Most European companies cannot.


Most companies from our region only need one or a small number of buyers in China to ensure the sale of all the production destined for the Chinese market, or of the company’s entire export capacity. Given this fact, we recommend focusing on a “China-local” instead of a “China-wide” approach, which usually costs companies a lot of money and time and does not produce the desired results.


Business relationships need to be created with well-established Chinese companies that have a long-term interest in purchasing your products. We will find you potential business partners in China, contact them and negotiate favourable business conditions for you within the framework of our cooperation.


Establishing cooperation with Chinese partners and exporting the first container does not guarantee you long-term success in the Chinese market. In China, good relations between trading partners is a cornerstone of the long-term prosperity of trade relations. They need to be maintained and managed. We will manage the relations with your Chinese buyers as part of our services.


Business is influenced by several factors. Thus, it may happen that the Chinese partner changes his purchasing plans during your cooperation. If it turns out that it is not possible to cooperate with the Chinese partner in the future for any reason, we will find you a new business partner in China.


For end-user products (such as food), it is recommended that the brand and products will be promoted on Chinese social media (especially WeChat and Weibo). Chinese social media raises awareness of you and your products and provide a promotion that your Chinese buyer will not be doing for you. It is natural, as he buys tens of thousands of products from different suppliers and leaves advertising and other promotional activities to his individual suppliers.


Let us know about your product/product portfolio and we will be happy to arrange a free phone/video call where we will talk over your export capacity, products and the expectations from the expansion to the Chinese market.


Our company does not participate in the provision of illegal enrichment services to COVID-19 by purchasing disposable goods that pollute the environment and pass it on to new generations.

Expansion to the Chinese market for European companies
Expansion to the Chinese market for European companies
Expansion to the Chinese market for European companies