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Product/portfolio feasibility study

We bridge the gap between European producers or service providers and their Chinese buyers.

Chinese market research focused on the client’s product/portfolio:

  • Identifies the main Chinese and foreign players and competition in the specific market area or niche, in which the client wants to enter
  • Evaluates the market potential and market fit of the European products/brands on the Chinese market
  • Suggests necessary product modification (if required)
  • Verifies the legislative restrictions and possible costs of overcoming them
  • Sets reasonable yet ambitious goals for a Chinese market entry in the selected market segment/niche
  • Proposes further steps necessary for a successful placement of the client’s products/services on the Chinese market (which we will further work on in case of continued cooperation)
  • The feasibility study will be delivered to the client electronically one month after receiving the payment. Based on the conclusions and the client’s possibilities, the client decides whether he wants to export his product(s) to China.


The feasibility study will remain the property of the client, even if he decides not to continue cooperating with us.


Our company does not participate in the provision of illegal enrichment services to COVID-19 by purchasing disposable goods that pollute the environment and pass it on to new generations.

portfolio feasibility study
portfolio feasibility study
portfolio feasibility study